at Electric Picnic

Since 2016, Transmission has evolved into an experience like no other. Ali Kemal Ali has brought together a collection of unknown DJ’s, Artists and creators of the imagination, to produce a euphoric experience to remember. Transmission has become a space from space, with an alien presence and their Mothership. This year the aliens have returned with greater numbers and will be DJ-ing  from the mothership and  dance among  us, to experience the passion we have for music, art and our love for life. The Vinyl Frontier stage has our DJ’s spinning vinyl that will take you on a journey you never expected. As well as the Mothership and UFO we have some incredible art instillations and visuals. With the Moon being an important part of life on Earth, Transmission has its very own Moon that will let you dream away and will illuminate your heart. As you enter the Transmission stage you’ll have to pass under our very own Stargate with visuals that will transform you to the unknown and back, once inside the back of the Stargate reveals the alien’s home spiral galaxy, seen under UV. Transmission isn’t just a stage, it’s an experience.