at Electric Picnic

Only a few hundred people at last year's Electric Picnic gained access to the most secret venue in the whole festival - BerlinHaus. 


Its location was never fully revealed; nor did any footage, photographs or reports materialise. But it was there, and it will be there again. 


For German techno aficionados, gaining access down a steep, dark tunnel into a clandestine subterranean club - in which only DJs from Berlin's infamous Berghain play - this should be on your list for the small hours. 


So if, while wandering in the forest this year, you suddenly feel the ground vibrate underfoot with a thumping base beat, or catch a flicker of strobe emerge from an access cavity in the ground, or glimpse the dim neon that carries its name over the mossy abandoned bunker entrance - and if you can find you way past the selective Deutsche bouncer - you might suddenly find yourself in an subterranean East German safe house that has been commandeered.

Sometimes 4am is not bedtime. 


All photography, video recording, and phone use is forbidden.